About JB Promotions

JB Promotions helps you to achieve your online goals. You want more visitors on your website. You want to make your brand known online. You want to promote certain actions or launch your new products successfully. We know how!

Lajla Brinkhoff & Anne Jellema

JB Promotions stands for Jellema/Brinkhoff Promotions, after the founders: Anne Jellema and Lajla Brinkhoff. Since 2011 we’ve been working together for different employers and clients in various online functions. In July 2016 we started our own company.

We advise big and small companies on their online issues: generating more traffic to the website; more conversions on the website; presence on Google and Social Media; a new website. We practice our job with lots of love and passion and especially with great integrity and transparency. We work on an hourly rate and we don’t hold in a percentage on the media budget of our customers. Our motto is ‘Introvert and Transparent’; we do as we promise, and we share what we do.

Anne Jellema

“In 2007 I started as a web designer and quickly afterwards I engaged in functional design, SEO and online presence at Webdesignbureau Insyde in Delft, with whom I still have close connections. My next job I started at Memory Productions as Manager Online, where I was responsible for the online presence and profitability of all products (recruitment-tools), like Jobnet and Carrierebeurs.nl. Afterwards I worked as an Online Strategist for online marketing agency cStrong. Here I mainly focused on online advertising on Social Media, Google Adwords and Display advertising. Online consultancy was always a big part of my work activities. I regularly develop customized websites in WordPress, like the Excel validationtool PerfectXL and I’m involved in online promotion of cultural projects for companies like Mystiek Productions. Setting up campaigns targeted on specific (cultural) niches are a wonderful challenge for me and because of this interest I also manage several projects in de United Arab Emirates.”

Lajla Brinkhoff

Lajla Brinkhoff Online Marketing, Advertising and Social Media

“Since 2011 I’ve worked in Online Marketing. I started in this field because of a job in data processing during my HBO study. By picking up bits and pieces of online marketing and strategy along the way, simply because I enjoyed it and found it very interesting, I managed to broaden my knowledge in this field. Since 2015 I work as an Online Strategist: I advise companies what online strategy best suits their goals, and carry out these strategies in consultation with the customer. By working with big commercial but also with smaller companies and start-ups, I have been able to create, test and elaborate several online approaches.”

Peter Duivenvoorde

Peter Duivenvoorde :: JB Promotions

“I have been working as a professional translator and copywriter (Dutch/English/Japanese) since 2012. Due to social media I have developed a talent for accessible and catchy writing. Since Anne recognised this talent we have worked on several projects together. As a freelancer I focus on writing and translating all kinds of content. My clients vary from news sites to internationally oriented webshops. I enjoy project based and creative assignments and having a direct connection to my clients. I keep a critical eye, especially to my own results. I’m a perfectionist and I always aim to write my content as clear and sharp as possible.”

Joeri van Veen

Joeri van Veen :: JB Promotions
Joeri studied Media Technology at the University of Utrecht. He is driven, analytical, and has an eye for detail. Programming and photography are right up his alley. He joined JB Promotions in 2016 and his main goal in the company is unifying technology, design and business needs.