Branddose is a webstore for perfumes and luxurious accessoires, like sunglasses, bags, watches and make up in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The online shop is mainly focused on the local market (GCC), but services a global market when it comes to exclusive Arabic perfumes. JB Promotions takes care of the full online strategy for Branddose.

Branddose webshop for Luxury Perfumes and Accessoires

The headquarters of Branddose are located in Dubai, where an international team is working on the daily promotions, sales and distribution of the products. A team of programmers in Pakistan is working takes care of the development of the website. This is a continuing process.

JB Promotions determines the strategy for Google optimisation of the Branddose webstore as well as the promotion on Google Adwords and different social media channels. We are responsible for the guidance of both teams in Dubai and Pakistan and for a quality check on their performance.