TOPdesk is a Dutch company that specializes in service management. Their software helps organisations to simplify their communication with customers and to keep secure track of workflows, configurations and assets. After being in business for over twenty years, TOPdesk has offices in over fifteen countries and they are known to be a very good employer. Together with TOPdesk we developed an online strategy to help their vacancies get more exposure amongst the right target group.

Project TOPdesk

Many employers in the Netherlands are facing new challenges in their recruitment processes. Not too long ago an ad in a newspaper, or on a jobboard online would suffice, but nowadays there is a lot more fragmentation. It is much harder to reach creative and well educated starters, because they spread out over so many different channels. And why would they choose you?

Online Recruitment Strategy

In cooperation with TOPdesk’s recruitment department, we developed a long term online strategy. Starting with an extensive prospecting fase, followed by an intensive retargeting fase. In every fase we altered the type of message, matching the potential candidate’s knowledge of TOPdesk in that specific fase. We do this by smart use of cookies and analytics, without ever jeopardizing the prospects privacy.


The campaign so far is very successful. Several wonderful candidates have already been hired during this alternative recruitment approach and TOPdesk is praised for their attractive online presence.