Website Development

website bouw

A website is the business card of your company. The appearance, the content, the speed, the findability, the functionality. All these aspects contribute to the way potential customers experience and judge your company. That is why we understand how important it is that your new website corresponds with the (offline) identity of your company and the experience that you want to offer your customers.

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Online Strategy

Online Strategie :: JB Promotions

An online strategy includes your whole online presence. Your visibility, your reach and your appearance. Creating an online visibility can be done in so many ways, that it’s hard to choose which suits your company best. We consider the characteristics and the goals of your company to help you make the right, most suitable choices. Besides that, we advise you about the online appearance of your brand.

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Social Media

Social Media Advertising :: JB Promotions

The use of Social Media channels is of great value for the engagement with your customers. It is important to keep your company profile up-to-date on all the channels and to post/tweet/message regularly (also known as: organic maintenance).
This can cost a lot of energy ánd you must keep it original to keep your customers/target group interested.

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Online Advertising

JB Promotions :: Online Advertising

Online Advertising is a very effective way to reach your target audience. You must know though, how to use your budget efficiently, otherwise you might throw away a lot of money without getting anything in return. It’s important to carefully segment your target audience(s) and to monitor and analyze the campaigns, so the next campaign will be even more efficient.

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