Click2Fix Maintenance UAE

Click2Fix delivers allround maintenance services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and surrounding areas, such as airconditioning, plumbing, electricians and marble polishing service and repair. The Click2Fix website exists only of one page and this makes advertisement even more important. The main target is to get visitors to call and schedule an appointment. This is often not even done through the website, but directly through the ad extension in Google Adwords. JB Promotions takes care of the Google Adwords campaign for Click2Fix and together with the team in Dubai, we develop a content strategy for other online (social) channels.

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Helder Werk

Online Advertising Helder Werk Stoelmassages

Helder Werk provides different activities and programs that help enhance the vitality and health of employees in general. JB Promotions helps Helder Werk to develop and execute a dynamic online strategy to reach their target group (employers) on social media. We effectuate various strategies and we develop new campaigns based on the learnings of the previous. After each campaign we produce a thorough report, measuring the results and statistics, like clicks, click-through-rates and CPM. For each new period we create a content calendar that counts as a guideline for the campaign.

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Project TOPdesk

TOPdesk is a Dutch company that specializes in service management. Their software helps organisations to simplify their communication with customers and to keep secure track of workflows, configurations and assets. After being in business for over twenty years, TOPdesk has offices in over fifteen countries and they are known to be a very good employer. Together with TOPdesk we developed an online strategy to help their vacancies get more exposure amongst the right target group.

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Mystiek Productions

Online Marketing & PR Mystiek Productions

Mystiek Productions organises events and specialises in the production of concerts by major Turkish and Arabic artists in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Besides events and productions, Mystiek Productions performs as management agency of Turkish artists and bands, such as Ferhat Gocer, Buray, Karsu and Marsis. JB Promotions took care of the online marketing and PR activities of the concerts.

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