Online Strategy

An online strategy includes your whole online presence. Your visibility, your reach and your appearance. Creating an online visibility can be done in so many ways, that it’s hard to choose which suits your company best. We consider the characteristics and the goals of your company to help you make the right, most suitable choices. Besides that, we advise you about the online appearance of your brand.

Online Strategie :: JB Promotions

Traffic To Your Website

Out of all the possibilities to put your website out there, you want to choose the most suitable channels (Social Media, Display Advertising (RTB), Blogs, etc.) for your company. The most effective solution is often a combination of channels. Together we will find the most suitable combination of channels, and create an online strategy.

Customer Journey

An online strategy is more than generating traffic to your website. It also has the purpose to let potential customers, or leads, act on your website the way you want them to act (convert). The message that you show them in your ads or on Social Media must match the message on your website and the actions you’re expecting your customers to complete here. We advise on the whole Customer Journey and consider possible contentual and/or technical adjustments that are necessary to increase the conversions on your website.