Social Media

The use of Social Media channels is of great value for the engagement with your customers. It is important to keep your company profile up-to-date on all the channels and to post/tweet/message regularly (also known as: organic maintenance).
This can cost a lot of energy ánd you must keep it original to keep your customers/target group interested.

Social Media Advertising :: JB Promotions

This can cost a lot of energy ánd you have to keep it orginal to keep your customers/target group interested.

Which Social Media Channels Fit your Company and Budget?

Nowadays there are countless Social Media channels. But which ones suit your company best? And where can you best reach your target group? By comparing the goals of your company with what all the channels have to offer, we will come to an ideal combination of channels. Together we’ll create an online strategy and put this to the test. By monitoring and reporting all the campaigns, we will gain learnings to optimize the campaigns. In this way we help our customers to keep an efficient overview of the paid and organic maintenance of their Social Media channels.

Content calendar

By creating a content calendar, we will make the organic maintenance of your Social Media channels clear, creative and less time consuming. A content calendar is always made a few weeks ahead to keep a good overview of the events and activities that you want to share with your audience.

Do you want to know more about Social Media Marketing?

Would you like to do more with Social Media, but you don’t know where to start? Of do you have specific questions? You can contact us at any time, free of charge. We can create a Socia Media Strategy for you, that you can execute by yourself, but we can also execute it for you. Besides that, we give customized workshops regularly to train marketing departments and employees in their skills in Social Media strategy. We are happy to inform you about the possibilities! Call Anne on NL +31 (0)6 27 033 882 or send an email.